anna malagrida

la sala de baile, 2011
installation, mirrors and 3 metres skirt

The ballroom is an installation made for the dome of the Pallazinadei Giardini in Modena, the place of parties and dances of Francesco I d'Estes in the 17th century. A long black skirt hung three meters high that is reflected in two mirrored screens. Placed in the main room, it recalls the idea of ​​women who danced in the large and elegant halls of the Estense court but, surrounded by mirrors, it offers a perverse translation to contemporaneity in contemporary peep shows. Made of a black and semitransparent fabric, the skirt turns around and allows us to enter inside it, offering us the physical experience between seeing and not seeing, between inside and outside, between the image, its multiplication and its negation.


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